Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 5

Perhaps you’re looking to boycott the hotel industry altogether and avoid the politics of paying for services that you feel you can do without. Why not consider renting an RV or carpooling with others in a Camper when going to protest to support hotel boycotting?  When we visited other hotel boycotters, we went with other people of the same mindset and similar understanding of the industry.

Fortunately, one person had an RV in Vista Nevada.  Because I already learned how to window tint after taking certified classes after knowing I wanted to get out of the tourism industry, I made a deal to tint their windows.  Installing Window tinting film in an RV on a Vista 5. SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels Content Ann Hall Rv Desertoverseeing the hot desert of Nevada did not take long when doing it at the right time just before the sun sets when it’s a cool enough temperature.  A few days after the installment, we were on our way to pick and met up with other protestors.  What a great deal and way to unify fellow protestors, build comradery & get out of the routine drive by yourself to a destination to protest.

This option is a fantastic alternative to having to deal with a hotel stay and pay.  Rv Camper sites are located in convenient locations all across the United States. Concern about gas prices?  That is understandable as gas is the greatest expense due to consumption if you choose this route instead of staying at a hotel.

When needing to rent a camper rather, sometimes the cost doesn’t make up for the expense of travel.  At the average small camper going for approximately $100 a day, including any cost of gas for hauling or filling a tank, the expense adds up to (or doubles) the same cost of a fairly nice hotel at a discounted rate from any online travel website. Hostels are still great alternatives if you don’t care about sharing personal space. There is at least one in every major city. Or maybe you’re just lucky enough to not care about travel expenses or the means of because all your travels are strictly for business and included travel expenses are not your concern. Having this luxury and enjoying a break in your own home is truly one to treasure. In the

In the meantime, while enduring those endless days of travel, consider those you encounter on the way and consider what they’re doing for you simply as a comrade in humanity and, regardless of tipping, show them a fair amount of human kindness in respect for what you’re given in return.

The practice of treating others how you would want to be treated is one that will never get old in this game of life. Never forgetting that we all serve each other in society helps us to thrive as a species.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will get into your passion and escape the rat race of working for someone else and pursuing your dreams.  Mine was to be a professional window tint specialist and I am out of the hotel industry.

Best of luck and blessings to you and yours.


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