Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 4

Keeping up with our last post, we will talk about better ways both the worker in the hospitality industry and corporate entities that employ honest hard working individuals a win-win solution for better service and pay and profit.

Economic Relations and Positive Growth
Since 2008, issues relating to the need for retention and positive growth within the hospitality industry have been addressed with Unionized work, positive work strategies, and public awareness for a need to consider tipping a housekeeper when utilizing their services. Data from International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology issued this article for hotel housekeeping in 2015: “A New Trend in Hotel Housekeeping Practices and Challenges.” You can read the recommendation at

In 2014 was a study based on the employee retention rate within the hospitality industry despite high turnovers within the past few years. One article posted in regards to the research can be found at

Employee Relations
This article focuses on the existing trends within the industry for employee relations and how retention can help to not only improve the industry but also help economic growth. Without these communications and revolutionized considerations for fair labor and wages it is very possible that the opportunity for hotels to remain in existence may not have been or continue to be a luxury that consumers could have considered a resource or even an option for their travel needs over time due to the costly endeavor of satisfying the demand of services by consumers towards the staff required to serve guests within these many hotels across the country.

Worker Acknowledgement
Many consumers are unaware of the struggles that exist within the hospitality industry and how each person’s needs are met by the many faces they encounter within each establishment. Just a single guest is treated with preparation for arrival through a rigorous inspection list that has over 100 identifiable checkpoints that must be completed before allowing for accommodation. Examples like these have presented in Women’s Day at

Despite the obvious service being provided, people are more likely to tip their bartender or serving staff before even considering tipping a maid. So, across the world the practice has become a strong consideration and recommendations of just $1 to $2 for a more than one night visit has become the suggested courtesy when satisfied with service. The amount doesn’t look like much, but when these staff members are managing more than 100 rooms, this courtesy can be of great help to an individual.

So social awareness of respecting hard workers by addressing them by name and showing respect to the workers serving the tourist customers in the industry who accommodate customers comfort.  Just & $1 tip make a huge difference after a full-time night of work.

Management showing respect and appreciation along with proper leadership example and action demonstration.  (Proper leadership shows instead of just tells).  Worker care for and perform better when upper management leads instead of just manage).


In the next post, I will go over ways to boycott hotels (become a window tintist) ;).

See ya next time!


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