Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 3

In the previous blog post “Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 2”, we went over the disproportion pay wage compared to the overcharge of customers at peak times for greater profit while only paying entry level workers lowly minimum wage and employee relations from corporate management affecting entry-level workers drive to work in a very labor intensive field that still does not pay a decent wage.  We will continue identifying more disregard for hard working individual that are actually the backbone of this mass profit accumulating and maintained tourist industry.



Often times, it is common for people to be forgotten or disregarded.  A face and a name simply becomes a number filling a slot on a schedule.  Hard working people are forgotten to be looked at as another cog in the wheel of productivity.  Consumer value becomes lost because the service provider is just a face in a sea of faces that are overlooked.  The workers are the foundation of the business that truly needs what they offer but are forgotten because while among the starting ranks.  Truly, to stand out in such a position an employee would have to rely on customer comment cards and many hotels do not even offer this resource.  Many times, consumers only utilize the comment cards when there is a complaint more than when they are treated well and satisfied.


Considering this mass sea of faces and the labor practices for retaining these workers, the ideal intention of allowing “anyone” to move up in ranks, progress and earn a fair wage becomes far more challenging than it was a decade or two ago.  With the present economy demanding a higher education in the state of California, alone… in order to get considered for a position that offered benefits and an income that allowed sustainability in this present economy without looking for additional jobs required a higher level of education along with experience within the field.  Otherwise, a person is expected to have served their years within the business or the like for a long enough period of time as to have begun within the industry prior to the crash of 2008.


What does this mean?


Option 1: 
Either you have 8 years of experience already working within the job you want or you thought ahead to work within the field of the job you hope to earn while putting yourself in debt to prove that you can be trained/taught/educated (I cannot say and educated because someone can be taught and still lack a sense of education) so that the wage you begin receiving can be collected rather than put in your own pocket to pay back the debt you created by hoping to find a means to pursuing a level of success within the hospitality industry (or any industry).


Option 2:
You were really smart and pursued one of the various careers in hospitality that require specialists.  Those of which are rare and whom can be considered the last word in luxury, refinement, taste, beauty, style, etc.  This not only prevents you from being owned by one single hotel establishment or level of hospitality, it puts you in high demand for filling a need of service anywhere in the world.


We will go over the need and importance for skilled worker retention and positive worker growth within the hospitality industry and more solutions to the retention problem are addressed by unionized work, positive work strategies, and public awareness to give a win-win situation for both the corporate entity and the hard workers.

Until then, consider getting a better education, training or switching into another field of service like (I did with window tinting) if you have the option too.

Will see you on the next post.



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