Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 2

SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels Workers UniteIn the last post “Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 1” we talked a little about the challenges workers go through as and how important they are in playing a role in one of the most demanding relied on industry in the country, Tourism. We will continue sharing about the challenges and stresses faced every day and transition into their income and see the unfair inconsistencies.

The Travel Industry

The travel industry is very costly. Consumers are always considering what they can do in order to find “the best deal” in accommodations, dining, and resources. Thus, the many websites that flood the internet in order to help consumers SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels Kayak.Comfind what they’re looking for, and websites like just bundling all those resources together so that consumers can make the best choice for themselves based on their travel needs.

Depending on when an individual searches for a room and the avoidance of peak travel seasons within the destination hotels can charge from $20 to more than $500 to even the thousands for a hotel room. Often times, throughout the year, the vacancies are lowered in price to more competitive rates. Regardless of this fluctuation, wages for hotel staff are kept low and steady for the most valuable of members: the positions of labor that provide the most customer satisfaction.  Wages are primarily paid hourly and the workers are often left to on-call status due to fluctuation in need.


As with any corporate job, hotel industries reward corporate positions and high administrative and hospitality positions with fair wages and benefits in order to provide incentive for working within the industry to reach those levels of success within the ranking as a long term employee who has dedicated their years of experience and maintained retention in order to rise above their beginning pay grade. With education, time, experience, and proven customer relations skills, it is presumed that any individual can one day reach such heights! Starting at the bottom and working your way up as an employee you are expected to start at a beginners salary that can start at approximately $11 per hour (depending on what part of the world you live in), maybe benefits for medical and dental and vision depending on your hourly employment (which doesn’t Pay Scale SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels payscale.comoften equate to full time for housekeepers and maintenance workers).

According to, the average housekeepers salary can start from $7.80 per hour to $15.32 per hour depending on the location. To find specific rates of pay by location for a more accurate pay scale visit

An employee at a beginning level might even be offered benefits that include travel plans and accommodation options just for working at the business after a designated period of time. Yet, it is more rational to a business to hire large quantities of lower level employees that cost less at an hourly rate that do not need to be paid benefits because they don’t have to be hired at full time when a rotation can be established with a varying number of these labor workers serving a need over a shorter period of time and left to not having entitlement for benefits and higher wages. Costs for these benefits are far greater than any starting salary.

I am sure that after reading this post, you will see the inconsistencies of pay to hard workers that are kept in low wage to care for or serve high paying customers at peak times. The customers high payments for regular PLUS peak charge times benefit the high-level ranking or executive positions handsomely where in comparison to entry & mid-level earners who work those times only see little which does not sustain a decent lifestyle.

In the next post, we will see how employee relations from corporate leadership affect entry-level workers and when positive respectful treatment and pay not only maintain productivity and worker retention but also help improve industry economic growth.


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