Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 1

Housekeepers RespectHotel accommodations come at a far greater price than simply paying for the expense of a nightly stay. The hospitality industry is among the top five resources for economic growth and job security in the nation. With each state thriving on its dependency of tourism and motivating consumers to travel, no business can afford to lose the opportunity to gain revenue through the lack of hotel accommodations or a traveler going without a comfortable roof over their heads (even if it is only for a few hours).

SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels content Ann Hall 2In order to accommodate guests with resources, amenities, and good housekeeping it requires person power that supplies this people power are laborers, service men and women that are cooks, hosts and hostesses, housekeepers, maintenance and sanitation workers, landscapers, painters, managers, marketing teams, and so much more. Many of these entry-level positions carry various roles that go above and beyond their original paid job description. For instance, the average housekeeper is directed to clean each room to eliminate garbage, replace used linens, and sanitize the space for each new tenant.

There are many occasions when tenants leave a hotel room so distressed that housekeepers are Hotel Worker Stresssometimes in situations where they have to act in unsafe working conditions where they are required to clean blood, vomit or other excrements from surfaces. Sometimes having to lift luxury mattresses that are extremely heavy and hard on the back.

There are the many incidents not made public where dead bodies have to be removed from rooms due to the concern of drawing negative publicity to the specific hotel location. Of course, housekeepers aren’t supposed to touch these remains but the health hazard of entering a room with this situation is a safety and health risk all by itself.

This is just one of the many examples for how much work just one position as a hotel service member can require of an individual. Notably, this is very much just the tip of the iceberg.

Working in customer service is very stressful in this present social climate as people have a stronger sense of entitlement and lack of social kindness that used to be considered a social norm.

With customer service people still dealing with customers yelling in their faces (regardless of Hotel Customers Angry Dealings
whether they are the root of the problem or the solution) in order to just satisfy their own need to get out their aggressions, they also have to deal with the unpredictability of an individual’s expectations for what they are supposed to receive and what they believe they deserve or are expected to be entitled to as a customer frequenting a location.

Such working conditions lead to employees suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, depression, and more when exposed to such negativity over long periods of time. Just caring about the person’s name attached to the face greeting you and remembering it for future encounters is a social courtesy that is no longer practiced by the common traveler.

It may seem such a small thing to remember a person’s name when they serve you but HouseKeeper Name Tag RespectRESPECT goes a very long way to workforce giving their best because they are respect and appreciated.  When a workforce is appreciated, the energy shows through their work and actions thus attracting more money, resources from customers resulting in more profitability.

Stay tuned for the next post where we will discuss more on the worker experience and why many workers protest after contributing so long with little pay.

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