Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 5

Perhaps you’re looking to boycott the hotel industry altogether and avoid the politics of paying for services that you feel you can do without. Why not consider renting an RV or carpooling with others in a Camper when going to protest to support hotel boycotting?  When we visited other hotel boycotters, we went with other people of the same mindset and similar understanding of the industry.

Fortunately, one person had an RV in Vista Nevada.  Because I already learned how to window tint after taking certified classes after knowing I wanted to get out of the tourism industry, I made a deal to tint their windows.  Installing Window tinting film in an RV on a Vista 5. SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels Content Ann Hall Rv Desertoverseeing the hot desert of Nevada did not take long when doing it at the right time just before the sun sets when it’s a cool enough temperature.  A few days after the installment, we were on our way to pick and met up with other protestors.  What a great deal and way to unify fellow protestors, build comradery & get out of the routine drive by yourself to a destination to protest.

This option is a fantastic alternative to having to deal with a hotel stay and pay.  Rv Camper sites

Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 4

Keeping up with our last post, we will talk about better ways both the worker in the hospitality industry and corporate entities that employ honest hard working individuals a win-win solution for better service and pay and profit. Economic Relations and Positive Growth Since 2008, issues relating to the need for retention and positive growth […]

Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 3

In the previous blog post “Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 2”, we went over the disproportion pay wage compared to the overcharge of customers at peak times for greater profit while only paying entry level workers lowly minimum wage and employee relations from corporate management affecting entry-level workers drive to work in a very labor intensive […]

Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 2

SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels Workers UniteIn the last post “Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 1” we talked a little about the challenges workers go through as and how important they are in playing a role in one of the most demanding relied on industry in the country, Tourism. We will continue sharing about the challenges and stresses faced every day and transition into their income and see the unfair inconsistencies.

The Travel Industry

The travel industry is very costly. Consumers are always considering what they can do in order to

Boycotting Hotels: Workers Experience Part 1

Housekeepers RespectHotel accommodations come at a far greater price than simply paying for the expense of a nightly stay. The hospitality industry is among the top five resources for economic growth and job security in the nation. With each state thriving on its dependency of tourism and motivating consumers to travel, no business can afford to lose the opportunity to gain revenue through the lack of hotel accommodations or a traveler going without a comfortable roof over their heads (even if it is only for a few hours).

SF Marriot Boycotting Hotels content Ann Hall 2In order to accommodate guests with resources, amenities, and good housekeeping it requires person power that supplies this people power are laborers, service men and women that are cooks, hosts and

Welcome to SfMarriottBoycott.Org

SfMarriottBoycott.Org welcomes you.  We want to ask the following questions: Why do hotel, domestic, nanny workers go on strike? Are they just complaining and angry for no apparent reason? Why does management take advantage of hardworking individuals who exchange their energy for minimum wage payouts which do not equate to their hard work? In this blog, […]